This Game of Thrones Cake Was an Acceptable Wedding Surprise

This cake designer knows something.

IMAGE Jamie Guardino

We know, we know—weddings are nightmares in Westeros. And surprises in said weddings? Even worse. Bicol-based cake designer Jamie Guardino is obviously just as gutsy as the characters in Game of Thrones—she surprised a couple with a Game of Thrones-themed cake at their wedding! 



Jamie originally had a simple floral wedding cake in mind for the couple, but overheard the groom talking about Game of Thrones with his friends, and decided to make a two-faced wedding cake instead. One side had the orginal floral theme that the couple wanted, and the other? Five tiers of GoT craziness! 



"The couple and all the guests were indeed surprised after seeing the cake, including the whole wedding events team. They all took turns taking photos with the cake because it’s not every day you see something like it," Jamie recounts.


You can spot a map of Westeros, shiny golden battle armor, a dragon that is more cute than terrifying, and the iconic Iron Throne on top.


"I feel happy when I see people happy with my work. There’s no greater feeling than that. There’s no better gift you can give to someone than something that comes from the work of your own hands and heart," says Jamie.


Are you pumped for Monday, too? #WinterIsHere 


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