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IMAGE courtesy of makes a case for accessible, cheap, and sustainably-sourced local products and ingredients. Gone are the days when you could throw around the “but healthy is expensive!” excuse—everything that you could possibly need to kick-start any effort to both use and love Philippine-made, good-for-you products at home can be found in and around’s pages.



With a goal to make healthy living as cheap and fuss-free as possible, curates food finds from local producers and manufacturers that have a similar mindset of living simply and naturally.



You can get your daily dose of superfood nutrients from I Can’t Believe It’s Vegan, feel the burn from Philippine-made hot pepper sauce Traydor, upgrade your toast with flavored butter from Comer y Comic, and snack on crunchy kale chips from Take Root. There are also fun ingredients to choose from: organic virgin coconut oil, heirloom rice, cacao nibs, and coconut sugar!



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