Sweet Finds: 5 Must-Try Treats from Cebu

Passing through the great city of Cebu? Here's how to get your sugar fix.

IMAGE Riell Santos

Cebu is filled with good eats in and around the city. This round-up of sweet food finds in Cebu showcase everything from locally-produced and uniquely Pinoy desserts, to must-try dessert shops and patisseries to drop by when you're in the city. 


1  Don Merto's Les Chocolateries Belgian Lace Cookies

Ultra-thin and crisp oatmeal lace cookies sandwiching a light layer of Belgian dark chocolate? Yes, please! Grab these popular cookies at Casa Escano Hotel. They come in dark, semi-dark, mint, and white chocolate flavors, too. 



2  Dark Chocolate-Dipped Dried Mangoes

Chewy Cebuano dried mangoes are even better when paired with dark chocolate. Pop into any pasalubong shop to find a pack (or more) of these. 



3  Salbaro

What makes these wafer-thin and crisp crackers different is its natural coconut taste. Cebu's salbaro is a flat oval cracker made with shredded coconut. Find them at Abaseria Cafe and Deli! 



4  Sweets from Bocas Modern Patisserie

Bocas Modern Patisserie at Banilad Town Center deserves all the attention it gets. Find everything from light and delicate cheesecakes, to rich Malagos chocolate mousses, to perfectly crisp meringues! 


5  Sweets from Tablea Chocolate Cafe

Everything from Tablea Chocolate Cafe is made with Filipino cacao beans. Dig into rich chocolate cakes or snack on chocolate-covered cacao beans to get your chocolate fix! 



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