5 Pinoy Merienda Recipes to Try Today

It's snack time!

Do you sometimes want a good snack but a bag of chips and a can of soda just won’t do? Maybe what you need is a classic Pinoy merienda to fill you up and make you feel at home.


Merienda, which is a light late morning or mid-afternoon meal or snack, is a bit of a Filipino tradition. When guests are over or even when we’re feeling just a little bit hungry, Pinoys really know how to serve it up come snack time. Here are a few classic Filipino favorites that are sure to hit the spot.




Easy Bibingka

This holiday favorite, which is a fluffy and very buttery rice cake, is traditionally made using a makeshift clay cooker heated with charcoal. We’ve streamlined our recipe for easy home baking, so that you won’t need to buy any special equipment to make this wonderfully sweet and slightly savory treat!





Mexicans aren’t the only people who make tamales! This version, which was most probably inspired by the original Mexican version brought over by the Spanish, is made with rice instead of corn and features flavors more familiar to Filipinos such as achuete and garlic.




Tropical Sago’t Gulaman

When the day starts getting a bit too hot for your liking, you can serve this sweet, chilly drink alongside your teatime treats. Before bubble tea became a huge fad, Filipinos had been topping their drinks off with chewy tapioca for decades.





Buko Mais con Yelo

It might seem a bit unusual to serve sweet corn on top of mounds of freshly shaved ice, but it’s much more refreshing and delicious than it sounds!




Pancit Macao

Noodles aren’t just for lunch or dinner! These noodles most definitely have their roots in China, but there’s just something about having a plate of this in the middle of the afternoon that seems so Pinoy.





This is the rice cake of our dreams. This local staple is sticky, sweet and a little bit indulgent. We can’t get enough of the toffee-ish coconut caramel or latik topping as well as the incredible fudgy sticky rice.

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