This Handy Mini Appliance Will Make Chopping Onions and Veggies Easier!

The best part is that it costs less than P1,000!

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Whether you're making a pasta sauce, corned beef, or caldereta for dinner, chopping up garlic and onions is a given. You'll be using them for most of your dishes!


We say, take the hassle out of finely chopping ingredients every time you make a dish. A time-saving solution? Use a mini chopper to make chopping fast and easy.


It’s got sharp blades attached to the center arm that spins fast, easily cutting through ingredients as it rotates. It can chop up ingredients in seconds. Plus, it uses no electricity to operate – not even a battery. How? You pull a cord that's attached to the center arm where the blades are attached. How fast you pull the cord and how many times you pull it determines how finely chopped the ingredients are. How’s that for control?


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So when it comes to finding kitchen gadgets that will save you time, the mini chopper is the fast and easy to do it. It will easily become your new best friend in the kitchen because every time you need to prep something, it's there to do the hard work of finely chopping those ingredients for you. 


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