Say “ I Love You” with Steak

Think outside the heart-shaped box.


So Valentine’s Day is only a few days away and even if you’re not big on celebrating, it’s always a good excuse to enjoy good food.


Waiting to get asked to the perfect February 14 mandatory date? Why not plan a dinner at home with what else, meat? After all, for most guys, a chunk of really good meat says "I love you” more than a shirt in a perfectly-wrapped box.  


You have a few days to decide which one to whip up next week:  


Steak and Potatoes



Rib Eye with Steak Rub



T-Bone Steak



Coffee-Rubbed Prime Rib



Steak with Creamy Eggs and Hash Brown



Bone-in Pork Steak with Spicy Chico Sauce

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