We Love These: Homebaker’s Star Wars-Inspired Cakes

They look too nice to eat!

IMAGE courtesy of Sheila Osmena-Go

Homebakers are joining in on the Star Wars fun!



Homebaker Sheila Osmena-Go indulged her children's requests to make Star Wars-inspired cakes and cake pops for their birthdays.



The R2-D2 cake is made of chocolate cake, rice krispies, fondant icing, and chocolate clay while the BB-8 cake is made of chocolate and butter cake.



Earnest Bakes, one of our Yummy Eats concessionaires, also made a chocolate ganache BB-8 cake which was on display during last month’s event. Other equally impressive Star Wars treats include the limited edition Star Wars chocolates from local chocolatier, Risa Chocolates.



Images courtesy of Sheila Osmena-Go


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