Sneak Peek: #DreamyDesserts in Yummy’s October 2014 issue

Check out which confections you should be drooling over.


For this year's annual dessert roundup, the Yummy team presents the best desserts you should be sampling in the city:


The Nora from Karisia Patisserie

Isn’t she beautiful? A perfect mix of chocolate ganache, creamy mousse, and crunchy base.



Ube-Leche Flan Cake from Anghelica’s Desserts

Ube and flan are a perfect match: Get creamy flan atop an ube cake in this two-for-one dessert.




Strawberry Pie from Wildflour

 The sweet strawberry filling, perfect crust, and beautiful latticework are the reasons why it’s on our list.




Piña Colada Choux Pastries from The Tuileries Confections

These mini puffs are a creamy, fruity surprise!




The Ultimate from The Blue Toque

 A chocolate-and-hazelnut mousse we can eat over and over again.




Green Cheese Cheesecake from Green Cheese

A cheesecake so light and fluffy and oh-so easy to finish off!



See the full list of Yummy’s 50 favorite desserts in the October 2014 issue of Yummy magazine.

You can also download the digital issue here.



Photography by Lilen Uy

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