Spice Things Up in Your Kitchen with This Hot Sauce

Get stabs of fiery flavors in this bottle!

IMAGE Riell Santos

Just like the biblical traitor it was named after, this bottle of Judas hot sauce will give your tastebuds that unexpected kick just when you least expect it. Made with local siling labuyo, tomatoes and onions, this mini bottle is also peppered with layers of flavors from bell peppers and orange zest. A few drops of this makes your pizza slices and roast meats (and most anything you want to eat with hot sauce, really) more exciting.


Judas is one of the four hot sauce variants of Traydor Foods, a Manila-based hot sauce company of CIA-trained chef Toogy Clavecilla and JC Medina who felt the need to fill a gap in the local hot sauce industry.  



Want to get your hands on a bottle? E-mail Email us at [email protected] or check their website at traydorfoods.com.


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