This New Kitchen Line Will Make Microwave Cooking Easier

You can now prepare poached eggs, pasta, and more!




For those who turn to the microwave once in awhile, cooking just became easier!


According to, kitchenware brand Joseph Joseph is out to improve microwave cooking by providing tools that can help you prepare poached eggs, pasta, steamed veggies, and more (and help you go beyond heating those frozen dinner packs). 


Joseph Joseph’s new line, M-Cuisine, includes a stackable cooking set which allows you to prepare rice or pasta, a steamer basket for vegetables or fish, and a pan for food items that need sauteeing. Other nifty tools from the M-Cuisine line also include an Omelet Maker, an Egg Poacher, and a Pasta Cooker.


The M-Cuisine line is made with injection-molded polypropylene which means it’s easy to clean and of course, microwave-safe.




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