Your 5-Day Baon Guide

We picked out easy-to-do recipes for the workweek.


Tired of fast food, tasteless options in your office cafeteria, or pricey restaurant food? Make your own lunch at home—it’s far less expensive and you can make your office meals more enjoyable. Here, 5 easy recipes for the workweek:


Crab Cakes

You can serve these with salad or make them into a sandwich.


Herb Chicken with Brown Rice Pilaf

A healthy meal made less complicated!



Fusilli with Grilled Chicken and Broccoli

Minimal effort but big on taste!



Two-Way Adobo

No microwave at the office? Adobo still tastes great even if you can’t reheat it.



Special BLT Sandwich

A sandwich option that does not leave you wanting.

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