Sarciadong Manok Recipe

Chicken brasied in tomatoes makes for an easy chicken dinner recipe!

Sinigang na Hipon sa Bayabas Recipe

This shrimp sinigang recipe becomes sour from unripe guava fruit.

Takoyaki Corn Recipe

Make a takoyaki-inspired version of grilled corn!

Seared Tuna Tacos Recipe

Taco Tuesdays are better with this seared tuna taco recipe!

Tokwa't Tausi Recipe

Tausi, or fermented black soybeans, make this tofu dish extra flavorful.

Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

Chicken is always an easy favorite and this one is an easy recipe to follow!

Spicy Chicken in Gata Recipe

Looking for new ways to cook chicken? Try using coconut cream!

Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe

Tangy, sweet, and effortlessly delicious, this could be your go-to weekday dish!

Breaded Pork Chops Recipe

Pair your chops with a sweet-tangy honey-mustard sauce!

Turbo Broiler Chicken Recipe

This is one of the easiest chicken recipes you can whip up!

Beans with Salted Egg Sauce Recipe

A simple veggie dish is made more special with a savory-spicy sauce!

Chicken Galantina Recipe

Enjoy the weekend with your family, Coca-Cola and Galantina!

Cajun Fish Recipe

Spend a chill weekend at home with Coca-Cola and Cajun Fish!

Pinoy Beef Sliders Recipe

Spice up your weekend with this delicious recipe and taste the chill vibe with a glass of COCA-COLA!

French Bread Pizza Recipe

Turn an ordinary weekend to a fun bonding moment with COCA-COLA and this dish #TasteTheFeeling!

Arroz Valenciana Recipe

Celebrate Grandparents’ Day with a COCA-COLA and this hearty meal!
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