Jun 26, 2009
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Classic Pancakes

By: Melanie Jimenez

Classic Pancakes

Try making your own pancakes from scratch!   (Click to find more pancake recipes)

Makes 16 to 20 pancakes 
Prep Time
10 minutes 
Cooking Time 15 to 20 minutes


2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar

2 cups milk, at room temperature
4 tablespoons melted butter, cooled
2 eggs
caramel sauce, to serve


1  In a large bowl, combine all the dry ingredients. Whisk to blend.

2  In another bowl, combine all the wet ingredients. Whisk to blend, then pour into the bowl of dry ingredients. Using the whisk, mix just until dry ingredients are moistened; don’t try to make the batter smooth or the pancakes will end up tough.

3  Using a 1/4 measuring cup, portion the batter onto a nonstick pan over medium-low heat. When bubbles begin to form and burst on the surface, flip the pancake over and cook 1 minute more. The pancakes should be a nice medium gold.

4  Place on a plate and cover with a dry tea towel to keep warm. Keep going until you have used up all the batter. Serve immediately. Drizzle with Creamy Caramel Sauce.


Photography by David Hanson | Food Styling by Melanie Jimenez | Prop Styling by Gwyn Guanzon


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  • Pancake recipe 11 months ago Report Abuse
    The above given recipe is really very nice. It is easy and tastes good. Thanks for such a great recipe.
  • gleslie lanzarote olvida Oct 11 2010 @ 12:21am Report Abuse
    so easy to cook and yet so yummy!
  • Gene Apr 07 2010 @ 01:21pm Report Abuse
    A pancake recipe! Now I can make a homemade pancake. I always used the ones from the box. I'll have to try this soon!
  • Mavs Apr 06 2010 @ 10:57pm Report Abuse
    I'm addicted to this during my fourth grade. Very easy to make but you have to consume it fast because it doesn't taste as it was when it's hot.
  • let san gabriel Apr 05 2010 @ 09:48pm Report Abuse
    i love pancakes yummy!
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