Cotton Candy Sugar Mix

Here's a treat that kids will surely love!

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2009 | By Pixie Sevilla-Santos
Cotton Candy Sugar Mix
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Here's a treat that kids will surely love!

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about 12 sticks  Prep Time 15 minutes

2 cups sugar
food coloring paste in the color of your choice (I think pink is the best choice)
flavoring extract of your choice

Place the sugar in a bowl. With your hands, mix in the food coloring paste (adding a toothpick portion at a time) until you achieve your desired color. The sugar should be darker than your desired color, because it lightens once you make the sugar floss.

2  Also with your hands, mix in your desired flavoring extract.

3  Heat the machine for 5 minutes then turn off the machine.

4  Place a tablespoon or a tablespoon and a half of your colored and flavored sugar then turn the machine on.

After a few minutes, you will start smelling the “cotton candy” smell then the machine will start creating the cotton candy floss. Start collecting the strands with rolled paper cones, BBQ sticks, or chopsticks until you reach your desired size.

Shopping tip:
Cotton candy machines can be found in Friend Ann’s Merchandising at 180-182 Carlos Palanca St. (Echague), Quiapo, Manila (tel. nos.: 734-4300 and 734-8420). They are also available in S&R Price Club.

Sugar tip:  Instead of flavoring extract mixed in with the sugar, you can also use flavored sugar. Combine vanilla beans and sugar in a jar and leave for at least a week or two to make vanilla sugar.


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