Sinigang na Sugpo

The result of this 10-minute sinigang is a perfectly sour flavored with the freshness of succulent tiger prawns.

June 2008 | By Leyanne Limjoco
Sinigang na Sugpo
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Fish and Seafood



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June 2008

For this 10-minute sinigang, Leyanne Limjoco used both fresh green sampaloc and packaged tamarind powder. The result is a broth of perfectly sour deliciousness flavored with the freshness of succulent tiger prawns.  (Click to find more sinigang recipes)

Serves 5

4 cups hugas-bigas
      (water used to wash rice)
1 large sliced onion, quartered
2 large tomatoes, cut in chunks
2 cups water a handful of green tamarind (sampaloc)
1 packet powdered tamarind
1 kilo tiger prawns
1 1/2 tablespoons fish sauce (patis)
kangkong leaves and stems
few pieces of siling pangsigang

In a palayok, put hugas-bigas. Bring to a boil. Add onions and tomatoes.

In a small pot, boil  water then add tamarind. After a few minutes or when sampaloc is tender, take them out of the pot and transfer to a shallow bowl to mash and strain to make sour juice.

Add all the sour juice to the boiling hugas bigas. Add powdered tamarind and stir to make a sour broth.

4  Wash prawns and shake off excess water.

Add to the sour broth. Season with fish sauce. Simmer for a few minutes until prawns change orangey color.

Add kangkong and siling pangsigang. Cover and simmer 1 minute more. Turn off the stove. Serve steaming hot.


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