Leyanne's Chili Crabs

This is best served with a refreshing side salad of of green mango salad.

June 2008 | By Leyanne Limjoco
Leyanne's Chili Crabs
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Fish and Seafood


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June 2008

This is best served and eaten with julienned green mango and bell pepper salad that’s been flavored with wansuy, patis, and kalamansi. Dig in!Serves 22 large mud crabsminced gingerred chili (siling labuyo)salt and pepper2 tablespoons sesame oilflourcayenne pepperhot oil1  Wash 2 large mud crabs. Chop in half, cutting through the top and bottom shell.2 In a bowl, mix together minced ginger, finely chopped red chili, salt and pepper, and sesame oil.3  Pour this over the crab, making sure to coat every piece. Marinate for 30 minutes.4  Dredge each crab in flour that’s been lightly seasoned with cayenne pepper. Deep-fry in hot oil. Serve with green mango salad.


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