36 recipes found under Beverages

Peach Iced Tea Recipe

Make this refreshing iced tea on hot afternoons.

Sparkling Lemonade Recipe

Summer is here! Cool down with this bubbly lemon drink.

Boozy Kahlúa Hot Chocolate Recipe

Has the chilly weather got you down? Warm up with this toasty, chocolatey drink!

Butterbeer Float Recipe

Harry Potter fans, you can make butterbeer at home!

Irish Cream Milkshake Recipe

Who doesn't love milkshakes? This milkshake recipe has a boozy twist.

This Pineapple-Coconut Slush Recipe Is Perfect for Summer

Throw pineapple and coconut milk into your next fruit smoothie for a refreshing kick!

Caramel Root Beer Float Recipe

Add caramel to the classic root beer float recipe to make it extra indulgent.

Apple and Orange Juice Recipe

After a long day at school, nothing beats an apple and orange juice drink to perk up the kids!

Shredded Beef Kaldereta Soft Tacos

Swap out the usual Mexican beef barbacao for our own kaldereta.

Peppermint Mocha Recipe

Hack your way into a seasonal favorite coffee drink: peppermint mocha!

Hot Dark Chocolate Recipe

This hot chocolate recipe was made for long days.

Mint Sago't Gulaman Recipe

This is the classic sago't gulaman recipe with a refreshing twist!

Tropical Punch Recipe

Cool down with this refreshing tropical drink!

Strawberry Scramble Recipe

This strawberry scramble recipe is exactly what you need for a quick afternoon cool-down.

Iced Chocolate Malted Milk Recipe

Sip this chocolate milk drink on a hot day!