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Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe

This four-ingredient oatmeal pancake recipe is wholesome and easy to make.

Tuyo Fried Rice Recipe

This fried rice recipe combines two Pinoy favorites: sinangag and dried fish!

Pineapple Macaroni Salad Recipe

This grilled version is a twist to the classic pineapple recipe!

Black Beans and Rice Recipe

This rice side dish is great with roast meats like chicken, pork, and beef!

Chorizo-Cheese Paella Recipe

This one’s for Spanish-sausage lovers!

Mushroom and Asparagus Paella Recipe

Love paella? Here's an easy home cook-friendly recipe to try!

Carbonara with Mushroom Bacon Recipe

Carbonara can be guilt-free with a few ingredient substitutions!

Mexican Rice Recipe

How about making some fluffy and flavorful Mexican rice today?

Squid Ink Pancit Bihon Recipe

This Spanish-inspired squid ink pancit recipe tastes of the ocean!

Seafood Aligue Fried Rice Recipe

This decadent fried rice recipe has crab fat mixed into it!

Chicken and Mushroom Pasta Recipe

Here's a pantry pasta recipe that uses flavorful chicken and mushroom!

Slow-Cooker Paella Recipe

This paella recipe is approachable and fuss-free.

Buttered Noodles with Bacon and Poached Eggs Recipe

Who can resist an indulgent poached egg with a runny yolk?

Mackerel and Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta Recipe

Toss pasta in a mix of mackerel and sun-dried tomatoes for an easy weeknight meal.

Basic Pizza Crust Recipe

Nothing beats homemade! This basic pizza crust recipe is beginner-friendly.