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Shakshouka Recipe

This egg-and-tomatoes dish is a hearty dish with lots of bold flavors.

Lumpiang Hubad (Vegetable Spring Rolls) Recipe

This Filipino spring roll dish is served with a sweet peanut sauce!

Spicy Omelet Roll Recipe

Serve brunch favorites with bold, spicy flavors.

Jam-Filled Vanilla Crepes Recipe

The simple addition of fruit jam adds fruity flavors to crepes.

Ham and Potato Pancakes Recipe

Make savory pancakes for a change!

Grilled Corn with Garlic Parmesan Butter Recipe

Use your favorite herbs and spices to flavor butter served with the corn.

Ratatouille Recipe

Ratatouille is a roasted vegetables dish.

Potato Chowder Recipe

This chowder is creamy but with a surprising crunchy topping!

Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe

Use fresh Portobello mushrooms!

Baked Chicken Salad Recipe

Pair baked chicken with a simple mix of salad greens!

Sweet Potato Fries Recipe

These kamote fries are soft and fluffy inside!

Bean Burger Recipe

Make a healthier burger!

Homemade French Fries Recipe

Here's how to make perfect french fries at home!

Ice Candy Recipe

Make ice candy in different flavors!

Fruity Potato Salad Recipe

Try something new with potatoes?