424 recipes found under Seafood

Calamansi Fish Fillet Recipe

Marinate your fish fillets in tangy calamansi juice!

Baked Tahong with Garlic and Cheese Recipe

These baked mussels are great for big weekend family meals and parties!

Seafood and Squid Ink Paella Recipe

Seafood, squid ink, and aligue in paella? It's a dream come true!

Salted Egg Shrimp Recipe

Use this salted egg sauce on shrimp, chicken, and pork!

Honey Hoisin Shrimp Recipe

Love shrimp? This sweet seafood dish is a winner!

Shrimp and Asparagus Pasta Recipe

This basic white sauce recipe is the base of this easy pasta dish!

Creamy, Cheesy Seafood Rice Bake Recipe

Here’s a dish that everyone will be raving about!

Kinunot na Isda (Flaked Fish in Coconut Milk) Recipe

This Bicolano favorite is made up of flaked fish, malunggay leaves, and coconut milk.

Coconut Shrimp Stew Recipe

This seafood stew makes for a flavorful, comforting home-cooked meal.

Sinigang na Salmon Recipe

Dig into sinigang, a Filipino soup with sour broth, and salmon!

This Bangus Belly Plate Is Worth Waking up For

This bangus belly meal is the perfect breakfast plate.

Fish Cocido (Fish Stew) Recipe

This Filipino fish stew is delicious with a squeeze of tangy calamansi!

Glazed Salmon Recipe

Fish is fast and easy to cook! Use this salmon recipe on busy weeknights.

Shrimp Kebabs Recipe

Love seafood? This shrimp recipe is easy!