This Bicolano dish is actually laing with added kanduli, and wrapped in taro leaves.

September 2009 | By Mack de Leon of Hotel Venezia
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September 2009

s laing, this dish is a blend of taro leaves, chili, meat and coconut milk wrapped in gabi leaves and tied securely with coconut leaf.To find more Bicolano dishes, click hereFor the lainghandful of laing leaves, shreddeda small piece of pork a small piece of kanduli (a type of dried fish) taro leaf (dahon ng gabi)For the spicea generous serving of coconut creamgarlicgingerlemongrassshrimp paste (alamang)crushed bird’s eye chilis (siling labuyo)salt and pepper to taste 1  Make the laing: Put together, laing leaves,  pork, and kanduli; place on a taro leaf.2  In a bowl, combine coconut cream mixed with garlic, ginger, lemongrass, shrimp paste, chilis, and salt ,and pepper. Pour on the laing. 3  The leaf is then folded and sealed to form a square pouch of sorts. Many of these pouches are made then stacked on top of each other in a pot with coconut milk and lemongrass stalks, and steamed to cook on low fire until fork-tender. Close to an hour later, they end up like a wad of wilted leaves, swimming in a pool of what looks like yellow curried stew.


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