Tablea at Mani Tibok-Tibok Recipe

Tibok-tibok is a traditional pudding from Pampanga. Here, it's mixed with tablea.

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Tablea at Mani Tibok-Tibok Recipe
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December 2011

Tibok-tibok is a traditional pudding that has its origins in Pampanga. Here, we made it with a special homegrown twist by incorporating tablea into the mixture. 

Serves 12  Prep Time 20 minutes  Cooking Time 15 minutes

1 cup coconut cream (first press)
1 cup condensed milk
1 cup rice flour
2 tablets tablea dissolved in 1/4 cup water 
     (we used 4 tablespoons of Nana Meng’s Original Tsokolate Filipino, which contains ground peanuts)
2 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoons vanilla
1 cup fresh carabao's milk
toasted coconut or latik for garnish

 In a saucepan, combine coconut milk and condensed milk. Add rice flour and let it dissolve. Bring mixture to a simmer while continuously stirring. 

2  As it slowly thickens, add tablea, butter, and vanilla and mix until fully incorporated. Add carabao's milk. When the entire pot has a very pasty consistency, transfer to an 8-inch baking pan lined with banana leaf. Allow to set. Chill for at least 3 hours. Top with toasted coconut or latik.


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