Watermelon-Lemon Sorbet

This can work both as a palate cleanser between courses, or as dessert at the end of the meal.

December 2011 | By Myke "Tatung" Sarthou
Watermelon-Lemon Sorbet
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December 2011

This refreshing sorbet can work both as a palate cleanser between courses, or as a wonderful dessert at the end of the meal. You can find grenadine at the wines and spirits section of large supermarkets.

Prep Time
15 minutes 
Freezing Time
6 hours or overnight


1/2 cup cold water
1 tablespoon unflavored gelatin
3/4  cup refined sugar
3 cups fresh watermelon purée
      (from about 1/2 large watermelon)
4 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons grenadine syrup
fresh mint leaves for garnish (optional)


Place water in a small saucepan. Sprinkle gelatin and let bloom for 10 minutes. Over low heat, stir until gelatin dissolves.

In a blender, blend gelatin mixture and all remaining ingredients together until sugar is completely dissolved. Pour into stainless steel pan and freeze for 6 hours to overnight. Stir mixture every 30 minutes for the first 2 hours.

3  When set, remove pan from freezer. Scrape sorbet with a fork and divide among serving glasses or bowls. Garnish with fresh mint leaves.



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