Crab Stick (Kani) Salad Recipe

This Japanese crab stick salad recipe is a cinch to make.

Mango Yogurt Cup Recipe

Mangoes, granola, and yogurt is the perfect breakfast parfait combination!

Chicken Teriyaki Rice Recipe

Easy and delicious, this chicken recipe is also baon-friendly!

Baked Tahong with Garlic and Cheese Recipe

These baked mussels are great for big weekend family meals and parties!

Cookie Dough Truffles Recipe

You can make edible cookie dough with this recipe.

Tuyo Fried Rice Recipe

This fried rice recipe combines two Pinoy favorites: sinangag and dried fish!

Chicken, Ham and Potato Salad Recipe

Combine all your favorites in one delicious potato salad!

No-Bake Fruit Trifle Recipe

Make this fruity no-bake dessert for your friends and family to share!

Basic No-Bake Cheesecake Recipe

Here's an impressive dessert that doesn't require an oven to make. All you need to do is mix away!

Upo Guisado (Sauteed Upo) Recipe

This easy veggie recipe can easily be one of your go-to weekday dishes.

Homemade Banana Chips Recipe

Deep-fried banana chips are a fun and delicious snack!

Sweet Potato Curry Soup for Your Teen's Broken Heart

Be the ever ’soup-portive’ mom that you are! Make this tasty dish for dinner.

This Beef and Potato Stew Recipe Will Make Your Dinner Date Extra Special

Beef paired with potato is one great combo that's “stew good to be true”!

This pasta dish will be your next party favorite: Creamy Shrimp Marinara Spaghetti

Keep your family and friends coming back for more with this delicious and impressive recipe!

How to Make Your Menudo Recipe Tastier

Here’s how you enhance the flavor of your classic menudo recipe.
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This Is The Last Meaty Spaghetti Recipe You'll Ever Need

Adding this one secret ingredient can make a huge difference!
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