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WATCH: How to Make Creamy Chicken Soup

Chicken, carrots, and corn flavors in one delicious comforting soup!

WATCH: How to Make Sinampalukang Manok (Chicken in Sour Broth)

This Filipino chicken soup is always a comforting dish!

Spicy Chicken Wings Recipe

This is a quick 3-ingredient chicken recipe.

Chicken Parmesan Salad Recipe

This salad uses a simple creamy salad dressing base.

Baked Garlic Chicken Recipe

Make this garlic chicken dish in your toaster oven!

WATCH: How to Cook Honey Garlic Fried Chicken

This fried chicken is sweet and sticky with just enough garlic to give you something new to love.

Garlic-Calamansi Chicken Skewers Recipe

Use garlic and calamansi to give this dish flavor.

You Will Laugh When You Find Out Why KFC Only Follows 11 People on Twitter uncovered the story behind KFC's hilarious Twitter follow count.

4 Easy Ways to Make Really Moist and Flavorful Pinoy-Style Lechon Manok

It takes little effort to make a great one at home!

WATCH: How to Make Sarciadong Manok

Braise chicken in juicy tomatoes for a quick and easy stew.

Creamy Chicken Soup Recipe

This creamy chicken soup has a touch of carrots and corn, too!

Did You Know That Margarine is the Secret Ingredient to Delicious Chicken Inasal?

Add this pantry staple to your inasal for a more chicken meal.

Did You Know You Can Find Ready-to-Use Adobo Cut Chicken in Groceries?

Bounty Fresh Chicken Cut-Ups are ready-to-use in cooking portions!
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