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WATCH: How to Make Calamares

This appetizer is a cinch to make!

WATCH: How to Prepare Squid

Always make sure your squid is fresh!

WATCH: Tips for Making Rich and Tasty Adobong Pusit

The rich black sauce makes this dish very unique!

We Have an Inkling You Will Love These Squid Recipes

Dig into these seafood-studded dishes!

WATCH: How to Make Adobong Pusit (Squid Adobo)

Squid meets adobo in this savory-sour Filipino dish.

Grilled Malunggay Stuffed Squid

Here's the perfect main dish for Sunday lunch with the whole family. Though already well-seasoned, this dish is made even better when served with a dipping sauce of toyomansi.

Thai Basil Squid Recipe

Turn to this Thai-inspired stir fry for a quick and easy meal.

Sweet and Sour Squid Recipe

The crunchy squid rings are a yummy contrast to the delicate veggies.

Squid Curry Recipe

Substitute squid ink with curry paste for a deliciously spicy and aromatic dish.

Grilled Squid and Pickled Vegetable Salad Recipe

Enjoy squid in a new way: Serve it with a light, fresh, tangy salad for the perfect weekday lunch

Aligue Seafood Rice

Whip up this decadent dish for Sunday lunch.

Grilled Stuffed Pusit (Stuffed Squid) Recipe

You don't need to go outdoors to make grilled squid!

Stuffed Squid Recipe

Love eating squid? You can stuff them with cheese, spinach, and herbs.

Beer-Battered Spicy Calamares Recipe

Chili pepper gives your fave appetizer a delicious, spicy kick.

How to Make Easy Marinara Sauce

Here's your guide to prepare marinara sauce at home.
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