5 Ways to Enjoy Citrus Rind

Five ways to enjoy citrus rind.

September 03, 2010 | by Yummy

Don’t just discard the skin of oranges and lemons. Chef Gino Gonzalez of Cafť Ysabel suggests five ways to enjoy their flavor and aroma.

5 ways to enjoy citrus rind

1 Homemade vinaigrette
Make some lemon or orange vinaigrette for your next salad. Mix some juice and zest with balsamic vinegar and whisk it into your oil and herbs of choice.

2 Fruity flan

Throw it into any custard recipe (like leche flan or panna cotta) and you’ve got an instant fruity dessert.

3 It takes stew

Making beef stew? Place some orange rind in the pot three to five minutes before it fully cooks for a punchier finish.

4 Amazing glaze

Zest is also lovely with glazed spareribs. Try using each fruit alone or combine both to flavor the glaze or top the ribs.

5 Luscious dips

Put a twist to garlic mayonnaise by squirting some lemon juice and zest.


ianceno │ Demonstration by Chef Gino Gonzalez of Cafť Ysabel


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