How to Make California Maki

With a basic sushi mat, you can indulge your fondness for inside-out Japanese rice rolls anytime.

May 16, 2011 | by Mishell Malabaguio
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cooked Japanese rice
      (in a rice cooker, cook 2 cups short-grain
      Japanese rice in 3 cups water)
ground white pepper
mirin (Japanese rice wine)
bowl of water
nori (seaweed) sheets, cut in half
Japanese mayonnaise
ripe mango slices
cucumber slices
crab sticks
fish roe
bamboo sushi mat

Make the vinegared rice: Season the cooked rice with a pinch of ground white pepper and 4 tablespoons of mirin. Using a wooden rice paddle or a fork, lightly stir the cooked rice to incorporate the seasoning. This makes the rice cool down quicker too.

(For the procedure, please see demonstration below)

Sushi tips
To make maki:  Lay nori on sushi mat, shiny side down, followed by layer of rice. Spread wasabi, then top with fresh salmon or tuna and Japanese mayonnaise. Roll and seal. Slice into 1-inch rounds.

To make nigiri sushi: With two fingers, pat rice gently to shape it into oblong. Put wasabi and mayonnaise on the rice. Press a piece of fresh tuna or salmon on top of the wasabi and wrap with nori strips.


Photography by David Hanson | Text by Mishell Malabaguio | Demonstration by Chef enrico magtanoing of Center for Culinary Arts (CCA), Manila


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