Pork Teriyaki Recipe

Make this super flavorful ulam recipe using pork.

Creamy Chicken Pesto Recipe

Love the pasta? Then, you'll love the ulam version, too!

Creamy Ube Jelly Recipe

This is a delicious version of coffee jelly but ube!

Pork Cordon Bleu Recipe

This crunchy roll doesn't need to be made with chicken.

Beef and Mushroom Sopas Recipe

What's better than sopas that's extra meaty?

Tortang Talong with Chicken Recipe

Smoky eggplant and chicken is a delicious combo!

Pork Giniling sa Atsuete Recipe

Recipes using ground pork cooks fast and easy.

Everything You Need To Know About Making Delicious Lumpia

Keep it delicious by following these simple tips and tricks! 
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