WATCH: How to Sharpen and Maintain a Knife

You chef's knife needs plenty of TLC. Learn how to sharpen it right!

WATCH: How to Hold a Knife Properly

Choose which knife grip is most comfortable for you.

Cebu-Style Bulalo Recipe

This bulalo recipe is popular in the Visayas region.

Sambal Roast Chicken Recipe

No oven? Roast this chicken in a turbo broiler!

Fresh Tuna Sisig Recipe

Nothing beats fresh, chunky, sizzling tuna sisig!

Pancit Puti Recipe

This Filipino pancit puti is extremely flavorful with the addition of smoky inihaw and crunchy chicharon!

Fried Tawilis Recipe

Make fried tawilis more exciting with three different kinds of dipping sauces!

Batangas Goto Recipe

Drown lots of steamed rice in this hearty, comforting soup!
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