Best Christmas Handaan

Filipino spaghetti, caldereta, and fruit salad are must-haves at a Noche Buena dinner spread.

Your Christmas Handaan Won't Be Complete Without These 3 Party-Ready Ulam

Add these creamy and meaty dishes to your holiday menu—when pancit and barbecue are just not enough!

Not Sure What to Cook Today? Here Are Recipe Ideas for Every Craving + Mood

Try a no-bake refrigerator cake for fuss-free party entertaining, or an ube tin cake for when you’re craving sweets!

Not Enough Time To Cook? This Noche Buena-Ready Caldereta Recipe Takes Only 30 Minutes

Yes, there's a way to cook your family's favorite ulam without having to slow-cook the meat!

Learn To Prepare The Classic Ref Cake With These Basic Techniques

Follow this simple guide and you'll be able to prepare a no-bake dessert in no time.

3 Creamy Macaroni Dishes You Can Make For Your Next Salu-Salo

Make celebrations even more festive with these!

3 Easy Pasta Dishes To Bring To Your Next Potluck Dinner

Impress friends and loved ones with a homemade, creamy pasta dish!

Can't Get Enough of Ube? Here Are New Creative Ways To Prepare Your Favorite Dessert!

Ube leche flan, ube refrigerator cakes, and more? Yes, please!

3 No-Bake Ref Cake Recipes You Can Make Overnight

Make your day sweeter with these delightful desserts, sans the oven!

There's No Need For Additional Ulam With These 3-Step Fried Rice Dishes

These all-in-one pan rice dishes have all your favorite meat and veggies!

These Ingredients Will Make Your Usual Egg Torta More Exciting

Here are three ways to transform eggs into a TORTAstic experience!

Surprise Your Family and Friends with Fruit Salad Graham Ref Cake

Plus other new ways to enjoy this classic dessert!

5 Savory Pinoy Dishes to Add to Your Holiday Spread

Serve up an impressive feast under P1,300!

Unbelievably Easy No-Bake Cheesecake Recipes for People Who Are Afraid of the Kitchen

Even kids will enjoy making these creamy, no-fuss desserts for the holidays.

This Is How You Can Upgrade Everyday Dishes and Make Them Holiday-Ready

Make any dish taste better with these easy cooking tips.

Holiday Hits: Cook up a Grand Holiday Feast Under P1,500

Make your family's Noche Buena extra-delish without breaking your budget.

Noche Buena for Six: 3 Dishes You Can Cook Under P650

Make the holidays more magical with these hearty meals for your family!

5 Noche Buena Family Favorite Recipes

There are always new recipes to try, but you'll always feel at home with these classic ones.
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