5 Multitasking Kitchen Tools You Should Own


Single-use tools add clutter to cupboards and counter space. Be a wise cook and make the most out of the simple tools you have in your kitchen! Here are staples we tend to reach for time and time again.


Tool: Vegetable Peeler
What it's for: Removes the skin off vegetables and fruits



What it can be used for, too: Create expert-looking chocolate shavings to top desserts like chocolate mousse or turtle pie. Top your pasta creations with generous amounts of shaved parmesan or other hard cheeses. For baking, shave off small amounts of cold butter from a stick-it will come to room temperature in a shorter period of time. Use the peeler as a zester, too. Make long slivers of citrus rind as a garnish for cocktails and desserts.



Tool: Muffin pan
What it's for: Mould in which muffins and cupcakes are baked

What it can be used for, too: The pan is a great vessel for your mis en place-keep your ingredients in check while keeping your cooking area tidy. Use it as a fun tray for the kiddos! For Make-Your-Own Pizza/Taco Nights or cupcake decorating activities, you can put different ingredients and toppings in each cup. Instead of the usual muffins, use it to cook eggs and to crisp up tortilla cups. Flip it over and you can use it as moulds for ice cream cookie cups and even spun sugar.

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Tool: Strainer
What it's for: Separates liquids from solids. Used for clarifying broths and soups, separating seeds from fruit juices.


What it can be used for, too: Use a strainer to remove lumps from gravy. For baking, use it to sift clumps from flour and other dry ingredients, or to sprinkle desserts and baked goodies with cocoa and powdered sugar. You can also use it as a steamer. Place vegetables in a large stainless steel strainer; place over pot of water but make sure water doesn't touch the strainer itself.




Tool: Ice Cream Scoop
What it's for: Serving ice cream, of course


What it can be used for, too: Use it to put cupcake batter into cups or in the tin. Scoop out the perfect portion of cookie dough so you can bake the best cookies every time. Use it to serve mashed potatoes. Or make meatballs ready for cooking or freezing.


Bigger scoops are perfect for making burger patties. Just pat down meatballs to preferred thickness.




Tool: French Coffee Press
What it's for: Makes coffee with coarsely ground coffee beans


What you can do with it, too: Make tea with the coffee press by putting in loose dried tea leaves instead. Use fresh herbs like tarragon or slices of citrus for lovely, soothing infusions.

Make a quick vegetable stock by mixing lemongrass, dried mushrooms, ginger, and garlic, or other combinations of your choice. If you're hankering for a latte or cappucino, in a pinch, you can use the coffee press to froth milk.

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