7-Eleven Now Has Chilled Ube And Strawberry Taho!

This chilled taho is perfect for summer!

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  • Don't you just love the comfort taho brings at first slurp? There's an excitement every morning as you wait for the taho peddler to shout, "Taho!" Often, if not all the time, you scramble to your feet, gather enough coins, and use your own mug-because it really is more sulit that way!
Which one would you like to try first: strawberry taho, ube taho, or the classic taho?
Photo by Bea Faicol

Eating taho makes for a delicious breakfast, as the scoops of silken tofu balance out the sweetness of the arnibal syrup, while the pearls give a chewy texture. One of the most famous and unique flavors of taho can be found in Baguio-the ube taho that uses a purple ube-flavored syrup and the strawberry taho that uses a red strawberry-flavored syrup.

You can't go wrong with this classic!
Photo by Bea Faicol

You don't have to travel all the way to Baguio and endure a four-hour drive for strawberry and ube taho. 7-Eleven now has chilled Classic Taho, Ube Taho, and Strawberry Taho.

Ube fans will love this!
Photo by Bea Faicol

7-Eleven's chilled Classic Taho is just that-a classic. It has silken tofu, arnibal syrup, and pearls. Just like Baguio's ube taho, 7-Eleven's chilled Ube Taho is made with silken tofu, very thick ube-flavored sweet syrup, and pearls. The chilled Strawberry Taho, unlike that of Baguio's, has a muted pink color. 7-Eleven's chilled Strawberry Taho is made with silken tofu, light pink strawberry syrup, and, instead of pearls, it has real bits of strawberries in it.


What we love about 7-Eleven's chilled taho is that you can indulge in a cup (or all three) any time of the day-especially with the relentless Manila heat.

7-Eleven's Classic Taho, Ube Taho, and Strawberry Taho (P30) are available in 7-Eleven stores. For the full list of branches, you can check the exact addresses at the official 7-Eleven store locator.

For more information, follow 7-Eleven on Facebook and Instagram.


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