7 Simple Ways to Shoot Instagram-worthy Food Photos

These easy tricks will have you shooting like a pro.


Whether you're shooting for your personal IG account or taking semi-pro photos for your budding food biz, photography is a tool that everyone needs to master. Here are a few things that we picked up from the Globe myBusiness Academy session at the recent World Street Food Congress. Which of these seven tips do you already use to make your shots look oh-so-mouthwatering? 


A top shot may not always cut it

Yummy.ph managing editor Trixie Zabal-Mendoza said the top shot may not always be the best angle for your food. Why? Because taking a photo directly from above may not show off the details you want to capture. Think of the layers of cheese in between lasagna or the towering height of a stack of pancakes. Those might be better to snap from the side, don't you think? "Try other angles," she offered.


Remember your photography basics

Finding the best light for your shot is crucial. Your arm casting a shadow over your flat-lay just might ruin your picture. An easy trick is to shoot by a window, so light filters in nicely. Be sure to check the details. You don't want an overexposed photo.

 Go easy on the props

Composition also matters. How much you do and don't show also plays a role in how appetizing your photo will be. No one needs to see the tissue holder, but the pop of color from the napkin might be an interesting detail to complement the food. Just don't go overboard with props! "The food is the star," Yummy Magazine's Associate Editor, Idge Mendiola reminded us.

Have the right tools

Just as shooting unstyled food is difficult, having a blurry phone cam can also make things challenging—especially when shooting Filipino food that's just generally all... brown. The Huawei P10 has Leica camera lenses that's able to capture drool-worthy photos. We're even drooling over the phone itself, actually! It's an instant boost to anyone's photography.


Go easy on the filters

Honesty is important, especially with food. "We want to keep it natural," Idge said. If it already looks good—and it is good enough to eat, after all—why would you want to muddle it with a heavy-handed filter? Don't let filters become an avenue to hide imperfections. You'll end up disappointing future diners! Think of the social media backlash.

Engage the senses

Just because photography is a visual medium doesn't mean you can't stimulate the other senses. Look for ways to catch the sizzle of sisig, the crunch of chicharon, or even the stickiness of syrup. It's the exact same concept behind the winning cheese pull. Why not try a Boomerang instead?

Practice a lot

Your hungry friends will be waiting, but don't let the mounting pressure get to you. Shoot fast and make sure you get a variety of angles, so you can choose once you're full and sated. If there's none that's worth a double tap, that's all right. There's still next time. It's hard to be your own stylist and photographer. So maybe consider getting a team instead of doing it all by yourself.

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This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Globe myBusiness.
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