WATCH: All-Time Pinoy Merienda Favorites

It's merienda time!


Maruya or Banana Fritters are deep fried battered saba bananas.  Top with a sprinkle of sugar before serving.


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These Filipino-style banana fritters are so easy to make!


Ginataang bilo-bilo is made of sticky rice balls cooked in coconut milk. It's mixed with sago, jackfruit, sweet potatoes, saba bananas, and ube halaya.


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Make merienda fun with a warm bowl of ginataang bilo-bilo.


Turon is made with saba bananas rolled in lumpia wrappers and deep-fried to crispy perfection.


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Make this merienda classic!


Ginataang Mais is a mix of sticky rice, corn kernels, and coconut milk. It comes together in one pot and is best served warm.


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Have a bowl of this sweet Filipino snack!


Kamote Cue are deep-fried sweet potatoes with caramelized brown sugar. It's an easy-to-make homemade treat on a stick!

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This popular Filipino snack is quick and easy to make!


Halo-halo is a delightful mountain of shaved ice, fruits, and beans. It's a cold, refreshing treat that can be customized any way you like.


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Get the ice crusher ready, it's time for a halo-halo party!



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