All The 3-Ingredient Recipes You Need In Your Life

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The most intimidating part of a recipe is sometimes the list of ingredients. Many balk at a recipe if the ingredients list is long, thinking that it's going to be a difficult recipe. Sometimes it is, sometimes it's not. It really depends on both the kind of recipe and the procedure. 

If you are one of those people who feel intimidated by the sheer number of ingredients in a recipe, these are the recipes you need to know about. These recipes only contain three main ingredients. Here are the ingredients you need to put together one of these delicious recipes:  

Photo by Riell Santos

1 White chocolate + Cream cheese  + Eggs

Would you believe that you just need these three ingredients to make a jiggly and fluffy cheesecake? Believe it! This is an easy Japanese-style cheesecake that when made, give it a tap on top and it literally jiggles! Once you make this, you won't need to hunt down those Japanese cheesecakes anymore! 

Photo by Riell Santos
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2 All-purpose cream + Chocolate chips + Graham crackers 

Refrigerator cakes are one of the go-to cakes many turn to when it comes to dessert. After all, these are easy recipes that don't require anything more than a little effort to put the ingredients together and then some time in the refrigerator. Anybody who loves chocolate will adore this easy freezer cake since it's got all chocolate in all the layers, including some right on top! 

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3 Potatoes + Onions + Parsley

Most people don't bother to make hash browns because they can buy it. We say, why not make it homemade and see the delicious difference? You need just 3 ingredients, after all.      

Here's how to make it: Combine 3 cups grated potato and 1 cup grated white onion into a bowl. Season generously with salt before squeezing out the excess liquid. Add 1/4 cup finely chopped parsley to the mix, then shape the mixture into patties. Fry them in a lightly greased skillet over medium-high heat until golden brown and crispy.

It doesn't get simpler than that, and it's easy.    

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4 Oreos + Rice + Milk

It's an Oreo rice cake. It's a sensational and genius way to be creative with what ingredients you have and making it work. This is a no-bake recipe because it's all done in a rice cooker. The three ingredients are added and the rice cooker does all the hard work to transform it into a "cake". How easy can that be? 

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5 Ice cream + Butter cakes + More ice cream 

Technically this is a two-ingredient recipe but we suggest you use two kinds of ice cream for the best ice cream cake experience. If you love ice cream, this is the "cake" you might want to request to have or even make for yourself. 

Photo by Larissa Kozemekin from Pixabay

6 Condensed milk + Cocoa powder + Butter 

Chocolate truffles seem to have an intimidating reputation but the reality is that it's one of the simplest chocolate candies you can ever make since it needs just 2 ingredients. What's important is the quality of the ingredients you use. 

For this truffle recipe also known as brigadeiros, it's still just as simple but uses less intimidating ingredients. However, the results are just decadent and luscious as any truffle. 

Photo by Riell Santos

7 Graham Crackers + Condensed milk + Marshmallows 

This recipe lists four ingredients but not everyone has desiccated coconut in their pantry! So, even if you don't have the coconut that the recipe instructs you to roll these in, you can totally skip that. If you want a coating on the outside, use sugar! Use sprinkles!

In fact, even the marshmallow can be omitted too or substituted. Got a soft caramel candy or chocolate you want to stuff in there? Do it. the possibilities become endless with your creativity.      

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

8 Mango + All-purpose cream + Condensed milk 

Homemade ice cream doesn't have to be either intimidating or difficult. Take this easy fruit ice cream. This recipe uses mangoes but honestly, you can use any fruit you like to transform into this creamy and easy ice cream recipe. 

9 All-purpose cream + Broccoli + Grated cheese 

Soups can be the easiest flavorful dish you can make in minutes. For this recipe, you just need to combine some steamed broccoli, grated cheese, and some hot all-purpose cream in a blender and blitz away! Add a little water to thin it down, if needed. The result is a super delicious and creamy soup that you'll want to serve with lots of crackers or toasty bread slices to dip into the soup.


No broccoli? That's okay! You can even make a kalabasa or squash soup that's tangy and spicy or a coconut curry kamote soup, too, just as easily. 

Photo by Riell Santos

10 Eggs + Tomato sauce + Spices 

Eggs and tomatoes are a naturally delicious combination. If you love food pairing, you'll be delighted that this recipe takes that combo and makes it super flavorful and filling at the same time.


This is a shakshuka. A breakfast dish from the Middle East, this is similar to the baked eggs but way easier to make since this is done on the stovetop. You can just put these three ingredients together and be done with it! Plus, you can use whatever spices you like or none at all. Salt and ground pepper can be all the seasoning ingredients you need to make this easy 3-ingredient egg recipe for breakfast.


Photo by Michael Angelo Chua

11 Chicken Wings + Teriyaki sauce + Sriracha  

Fried chicken can be super simple but it can get boring. There is only so much fried chicken one can eat! If you're looking for a super flavorful and delicious recipe that won't have you mixing and matching spices, herbs, and other ingredients together to get the perfect sauce to toss with your wings, make this instead.

Three bottled ingredients from your pantry that you can toss together in under a minute so create chicken wings that can rival any you can have delivered. You can even make your own teriyaki sauce

Know any other genius recipes that only require three ingredients or even less? 


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