4 Hacks to Splitting a Recipe in Half

Cutting a recipe down to half can seem like a walk in the park...until you run into an uneven amount of ingredients like 3 eggs or ¾ cup. While there are a few ingredients that can be left as is, scaling a recipe can be a little more complicated that it seems. Remember these hacks the next time you need to cut down that muffin recipe!


1  Use smaller pans.

More often than not, scaled down sheet cake and brownie recipes will need smaller pans as well. Otherwise, you will end up with super flat or barely there slices! Spreading a halved recipe on a large sheet pan will also mean a faster baking time and a higher risk of over-baking or burning.



2  Use a measuring scale.

If you have an electronic scale in your kitchen, use it for precise measurements in halving or even quartering a recipe.



3  Use a liquid measuring cup for scaling wet ingredients.


Scaling down ingredients like water and milk are easy-the trick is scaling down eggs! To cut an odd number of eggs in half, beat them lightly and place the full amount in a liquid measuring cup. From there, you can pour out half the amount of eggs. Save them for your morning scramble!


The tablespoon and teaspoon measurements also come in handy when it comes to scaling recipes. Print out these infographics and pin them to your kitchen refrigerator for easy cooking and baking!


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4  Write it down!


It is easy to lose track of amounts when you are halving a recipe mentally. Avoid making simple measurement mishaps by writing down the amounts in half. This extra step will result in smooth, seamless baking.




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