5 Different Ways to Devour Dark Chocolate This Year

Sink your teeth into these bittersweet dark chocolate delights!

The New Year just rolled in so recovering from holiday overindulgence is probably at the top of your list of resolutions, right? Here’s an easy way to cut down on the sweets: bake with bittersweet, anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate!

Here are dark chocolate recipes to satisfy your sweet cravings, without having to go overboard on sugar.


1 Dark Chocolate Bark Recipe

This guilt-free snack is nutty and crunchy. You can replace chocolate chips with a good quality dark chocolate bar—there are plenty of sugar-free options, too!



2 Dark Chocolate Truffle Tart Recipe

This simple tart makes use of a dark chocolate ganache as a in indulgent filling. It’s easy—you don’t even have to bake the filling.



3 Dark Chocolate Cupcakes Recipe

Cocoa powder is an essential in a chocolate-lover’s baking pantry. Whip up fluffy chocolate cupcakes with it!



4 Dark Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

Use 60 to 70% dark chocolate to make a chocolate ripple on this thick New York-style cheesecake recipe.



5 Espresso Hot Chocolate Recipe

That classic chocolate + coffee combo can make your mornings sweeter.



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We'll let you in on a little secret: you can make your chocolate desserts even better with this simple trick.

More from Yummy.ph
Cocoa powder is essential when making delicious chocolate desserts!


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