5 Things You Need to Know to Make the Perfect Cheesecake

It's all about the little details.

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There's something about making a baked cheesecake that terrifies most home bakers. Many just find it too daunting to face the long baking times and the supposedly miniscule margin for error. The thing with baked cheesecakes, however, is that they're much easier to get right than most people think! It's all just a matter of patience and attention to detail. Let us help you make the cheesecake of your dreams with these simple tips and tricks:

1. Don't over mix the batter.

The best New York-style cheesecakes are unbelievably luscious and creamy. The best possible way to achieve that creaminess is to make sure to incorporate as little air into the cheesecake mix as possible. Once all the ingredients have been mixed together thoroughly, you should immediately move on to the next step. You can even leave a few little streaks of cream cheese in your mix, as they will eventually even out in the oven.



2. Keep all the ingredients at room temperature.

It may be difficult to wait for all your ingredients to come down to room temperature after coming straight out of the fridge, but it'll be worth the wait. Without the chill from the fridge, the ingredients will be easier to work with and mix together, making it easier to avoid over mixing.

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3. Use a water bath.

While not necessarily a must for most cheesecake recipes, keeping your cheesecake in a bain marie or water bath while baking will help provide as silky a texture as possible. The water bath helps to cook the cheesecake as evenly as possible, making for a very smooth texture. Just make sure to thoroughly wrap your cake pan in aluminium foil before submerging it in the bath in order to keep it from leaking out or getting wet.

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4. Take your time.

The best cheesecakes are made with patience and care. Don't feel tempted to immediately take the cake out of the oven once the timer rings to take a big slice, otherwise it will immediately collapse. Cheesecakes need time in order to properly cool and set, so it's best you give yours a few hours to chill out before you dig in.

5. Bake with confidence.

A lot of people tend to make big cheesecake mistakes when they're uncertain and nervous. Making a good cheesecake requires a level head and quite a bit of confidence. Don't be tempted to keep opening the oven door to check on your progress, as that will inhibit an even bake.

Don't be afraid if your cheesecake wobbles a bit after it's done baking, as that's completely natural.  Most importantly, if your cake does have a few cracks or a little bit of leakage, don't despair because what matters most is flavor. A few kinks here or there won't matter too much as long as you've made a tasty cake!




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