You Can Use All-Purpose Cream To Make Any Of These Creamy Desserts

It is, after all, the all-around kind of cream.

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There's a reason why there are ingredients which you can use as a suitable substitute: you don't always have all the ingredients you need on hand. Some ingredients are needed for specific things, such as a flavoring which can determine whether a dessert is a vanilla or a coffee-flavored dessert. This swap is easy to do and doesn't affect anything more than the flavor of a dish. 

That isn't always the case for all ingredients, especially when it's a baking ingredient where substitutions can make or break your dessert. The good news is that there are suitable ingredient substitutions even in baking, such as buttermilk which you can make a homemade version of or even canned evaporated milk for fresh milk whenever you don't have time to leave the house and shop. 

Unfortunately, there are some ingredients which do not have a direct substitute and can, in fact, make your dish fail rather than enhance or make it work just as well as the original ingredient. That's where expert baking advice and experience comes in, and this is most telling in instances when there is heavy cream in the ingredients list. Someone always wants to know: 


Can I use all-purpose cream instead of heavy cream?  

How do you know if you can use all-purpose cream for heavy cream?

For all those recipes that list "whipping cream" or heavy cream as an ingredient, you have to look at how all-purpose cream is used so you can determine if you can use all-purpose cream or not. That's the trick to knowing if the substitution can work. 

Usually, if it needs to be whipped, you're going to want to use whipping cream. This will produce a wonderfully light and delicate cream. If you're okay with a whipped cream that's dense, you can swap whipping cream with all-purpose cream. 

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If the cream will be heated or added and mixed with another ingredient, most probably you can use all-purpose cream instead. 

If you love creamy desserts using all-purpose cream, here are the delicious desserts you should make: 


1 Buko Pandan Popsicles Recipe 

What makes these buko pandan popsicles so easy and delicious are the easy-to-find ingredients and the irresistible lure of biting into some buko-pandan gelatin in the center of the icy treat. 

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2 Cathedral Windows Recipe  

How can anyone forget that the classic Cathedral Windows is also made of creamy all-purpose cream? This classic dessert is made with simple ingredients: juicy gulaman cubes in fruit flavors encased in a creamy and deliciously milky gelatin. It's the cold dessert we grew up with! 


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3 Coffee Ice Cream with Dates and Walnuts Recipe 

We can't get over how so many of our favorite desserts are ice cold. Make it with all-purpose cream so you don't have to hunt down any other ingredients that you don't have in the kitchen. 


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4 Blueberry Panna Cotta Recipe 

This may use whipping cream but is one of the recipes where you can easily make the swap from this chilled cream to the more shelf-stable all-purpose cream. Use this and this dessert is not only easy to make, but it's also going to be delicious and awfully pretty with its lavender-like hue. How can you resist?

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5 Mango Pearl Layers Recipe 

This mango dessert is basically layers of all things that remind us of the summer: mangoes, sweetened all-purpose cream, sago, and graham crackers crushed until powdery. What you get is a mango float in cup form that you don't have to wait to become chilled. 

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6 Maja Blanca Panna Cotta Recipe 

This maja blanca dessert celebrates what you love in one cup: sweet corn tossed with an extra milky and gelatinous cream that's a combination of all-purpose cream and coconut cream. That's how you make a kakanin into a modern dessert that's fancy enough to serve at gatherings or even restaurants! 

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7 Mais Con Yelo Popsicles Recipe 

You have to love popsicles because it's easy to make and easy to eat, too. If these corny popsicles are around, we think you won't be able to resist grabbing one and giving it a lick or two.  

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8 Ginger Crème Brûlée Recipe 

What separated a crème brûlée from leche flan are the ingredients. While both are made with eggs and creme, the crème brûlée is really just the lighter version of the leche flan and instead of the sugar being melted and crystalized on the bottom, it has crystalized sugar on top instead. Try this inverted leche flan recipe with a hint of ginger so it really does taste different from your usual lemony leche flan


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9 Tartlette au Chocolate Recipe 

Also known simply as a chocolate tart, this tart is luscious, creamy, and decadent. Best of all, it's easier than it looks to make. It's really just melted chocolate made even better when mixed with hot cream into a flavored chocolate ganache (so you can use all-purpose cream here.) The hardest part may be sitting back and letting it cool down enough for you make a slice. 



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We know what wonderful news it is to know that you can use all-purpose cream for heavy cream and even whipping cream in some baking recipes. While the swap is easy to do, just remember that all-purpose cream is made for more than just desserts. If you love anything and everything creamy, here are more recipes you may want to try: 



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