Easy Baked Fish Recipes To Make So You Can Do Less Cooking

There's no need to stand in front of a hot stove.

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Fish is one of those ingredients that does not need much time to cook. There is no need to tenderize the meat because it's naturally soft, so the danger lies in not overcooking the fish rather than undercooking it.   

One of the best reasons to cook fish is that it is speedy to cook! Another good reason is that you spend less time in doing the actual cooking. If you're not a fan of the heat, especially when summer is at its hottest and most humid, you can turn to another handy appliance in your kitchen that you might not have thought to use for fish: the oven.        

There's no need to stand in front of a hot stove if the oven can bake fish for you! Here are baked fish recipes to try so you don't have to suffer the heat of a hot stove:  

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1 Baked Salmon Recipe 

This is one of the easiest ways of cooking salmon without overcooking it. The cheese sauce that covers the fish acts as a barrier against the heat of the oven and apart from making this fish recipe incredibly delicious, it insulates the fish from becoming overcooked. 

If you are turned off by the salmon, you can use other fish! Any fish fillet would work for this recipe. 

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2 Baked Fish Fillet with Olives Recipe 

Olives are a briny, salty ingredient that on its own can be quite overpowering as a flavor. This is perfect for delicate fish fillets that need a boost in flavor. The olives provide its salty flavor to the fish, tempering its briny taste so the dish overall becomes a perfectly seasoned dish.  

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3 Baked Tilapia Fillets Recipe with Tomatoes 

A simple seasoning of salt and pepper is all this fish gets before it's topped with a seasoned and chunky tomato topping on top. This adds even more flavor to the fish. Dice up fresh tomatoes for a fresh salsa that you can do days before you need it.  

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4 Baked Whole Fish Recipe 

It doesn't have to be Chinese New Year to enjoy a whole fish served this impressively on a platter. This is gently baked in the oven with lots of oranges so the citrus can infuse the inside and the outside of the fish with its orange flavor! Who would have thought that fish and orange would go so deliciously well together? 

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5 Baked Fish with Ceasar Sauce Recipe 

Caesar sauce is basically a creamy cheesy sauce that is both tangy from the lemon juice and creamy from the mayonnaise base. This is a delicious version of a baked salmon but using another kind of fish and a slightly different cheese sauce on top. 

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6 Baked Fish with Ratatouille Recipe    

A ratatouille is basically a stewed vegetable dish that came from France. This gloriously delicious vegetable stew is what gives this fish new life from mere baked fish to a stunning centerpiece that can be served for any special occasion.

7 Baked Cashew and Herb-Crusted Fish Fillet Recipe 

A baked fish is easy to top with delicious toppings because there is no worry that it will fall off during cooking. There's no flipping involved so anything you put on top stays on top. This means this crusted fish stays coated with the nutty and herby crust until you serve it. 



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8 Baked Herbed Fish Recipe

Make it easier on yourself and just put all the ingredients, including the fresh herbs and the fish fillets, in one big baking pan. This all-in-one fish recipe is the lazy dinner recipe that you are going to love to try. Plus, since it's all in one baking dish, you can even serve it straight from the oven.   


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9 Baked Fish Recipe with Lemon and Capers

Fish and lemons are natural friends. The lemon is a great way of masking the fish taste and smell of seafood. To make this better than just fish drizzled with lemon, a creamy sauce covers the entire fish fillet in the baking dish. The tangy lemon cream sauce is made more delicious with capers, little buds of flowers that's been brined and stored in vinegar, to give it a delicious contrast to the creaminess.  


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10 Miso-Glazed Baked Salmon Recipe

Miso is a fermented bean paste that hardly gets its due. This miso glaze that makes the salmon steaks glisten is a delicate balance of sweetness and the salty umami that you just have to taste!   


Enjoy any number of ways to bake fish in the oven. It's easy and fuss-free as soon as you close the oven door. How's that for effortless cooking? 



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