Get Baking! These Are The 5 Baking Tools You Really Need.

Every baker should be packing these items in their tool kits.

The kitchen of the average baker is probably teeming with numerous tools and gadgets needed to create their latest confections. However, not every tool is as necessary as these five baking tools.  

So whether you're an advanced baker or just discovering the delicious wonders you can create as a beginner baker, these are five most basic baking tools you're going to need to start a baking project:



It's the one tool that can't be replaced by any other tool. Whether it's the elbow-powered manual whisk or the attachment on the electric-powered stand-alone or handheld version, the whisk is the only tool which can effectively whip air into egg whites and heavy cream, gently knocks lumps out of a cake batter, or mix ingredients together thoroughly. Nothing is better at these tasks than the many-tined whisk.



Measuring Spoons and Cups

Measuring cups and spoons are the basic and probably one of the first sets of baking tools any aspiring baker has purchased. Their versatility is wide-ranging and is the common tools of measurement indicated in many recipes. It's the standard tool that ensures that what you're adding to your bowl is the same amount as what the recipe developer added to make their dish a success.

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See Also


Weighing Scale

There are many recipes out there that require more accurate measurements, and the most accurate measurements are done by weight. For those bakers who are more advanced, this is the preferred measuring tool. Learn how to use this tool and those times when a recipe would fail will be almost nil with the accuracy of your measurements.



Silicone Spatula

The multipurpose tool of the kitchen started off as a baking tool. Descended from the non-heat resistant rubber spatula, the silicone spatula is the high-heat-resistant version that allows you to stir cream into boiling hot sugar into caramel and cleanly and efficiently scrape every drop of buttercream frosting from the bowl to the icing bag while also allowing you to stir and gently fold whipped egg whites into the chiffon cake batter.



Oven Thermometer

Few ovens are as accurate as one would hope and for those moments when the temperature is critical, the oven thermometer will ensure that everything you're baking is being cooked at the right temperature. Cream puffs and meringue will puff to their greatest height, cookies will gently caramelize on top and on the bottom, and cakes and bread will rise and then gently brown as each bakes at the temperature most suited for the type of baked good you're making.


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Now that you're equipped with the essential tools, you can bake anything, including that cake or pastry you've always wanted to try. 



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