These Are The Best Silicone Tools For Baking Under P100

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Two great reasons to buy new kitchen tools is that you know it's going to be useful and it's affordable. If you're planning on getting new ones, a great option is to make sure it is made of silicone and thus, nonstick.

It's a hassle when the food you're trying to make sticks to the pan so having baking tools that are not only useful, affordable, and nonstick will definitely be great tools to have. We found the best kind of baking tools that you might want to buy and the best part is that all of these useful tools are all under P100 each: 

Photo by Shopee

1 Mini Silicone Ring Mold and Baking Pan, P40   

The most troublesome part of baking has to be trying to make your cake release form the baking pan. It's easy to forget that you have to use parchment paper on the bottom of your metal cake pans or to generously butter and flour every spot of that ring mold so you don't destroy the design on the cake. You can forget about all that when you use a silicone mold like this one.

This is a mini mold measuring only 5 inches, so these easily fit in your oven toaster or even your steamer. Silicone is naturally nonstick and will work in either your oven or your steamer. Plus, you can even use this for your cathedral windows and other no-bake desserts, too! 

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5-inch Spiral Silicone Cake Mold, P40, Shopee 

Photo by Lazada

2 Silicone Rolling Pin, P95     

There are wooden rolling pins that will make flattening your pie crusts, cookie dough, and other pastries easy to do. Sticking is the biggest problem when rolling out dough and that's usually because the butter has begun to melt or your dough was sticky even before you began.

You can prevent both of these by preparing your dough properly and using a rolling pin that prohibits sticking like this one. This is fantastic for rolling out fondant but it will prove just as useful for other kinds of dough, too. Plus, this has rings on the end that allow you to evenly roll out dough without making it too thin or too thick.

Livecity Kitchen Non-stick Rolling Pin, P95, Lazada

Photo by Shopee

3 Silicone Frosting Bag with Icing Tips, P45-P59  

If you love to be artistic when you're baking cakes, this decorating set is perfect! You have your choice of going with the starter set that includes 6 icing tips or go all-out and purchase the more expansive 14-piece icing tip set. What makes this set truly useful is that you don't ever need to buy decorating bags again since this comes with a reusable silicone icing bag.    

Silicone Pastry Bag Baking Tools Set (available in pink or blue) with 6- or 14-piece decorating tip set, starts at P45, Shopee 


Photo by Lazada

4 12-Piece Silicone Cupcake Molds, P95

Those without a full-size oven might have a hard time looking for baking pans and other bakeware that fit their little ovens. Even those who have resorted to steaming their desserts will find it hard to get the right-sized equipment for their baking needs. 

Enter the silicone molds. Since these are heat-resistant to a high temperature, you don't have to worry about it melting. These cupcake molds are perfect for not only baking but also steaming. You can even use these in your oven toaster! Plus, since these are not connected to each other and can stand on their own, these are the reusable cupcake liners you need so you can stay paperless and have less waste. 

12-Piece Kitchen Craft Silicone Cupcake Molds, random colors, P 94.54, Lazada 

Photo by Lazada

5 Silicone Baking Mat, P99 

Not all baking tools need to be expensive! Those who can afford the branded tools do not need to be the only ones with baking tools that work well. Take this super affordable silicone baking mat. Since it's made with silicone, rolling out dough for pie crusts, kneading bread dough, and even using it to make cut-out cookies will be super easy. Plus, you can buy the mat that's just the right size for any of these baking tasks at a fraction of the cost! 

Silicone Baking Mat (50cm by 40 cm, available in pink and blue), P99, Lazada 

Photo by Shopee

6 Silicone Baking Tools, P66 each 

What we love about this set is that if you just starting out baking, you don't have to look for each piece separately. You get all 5 of these tools at just P329 which is just under P66 per tool! You will find a need for each of these tools when you are baking and it even comes in 6 gorgeous colors, too. 

5-Piece Silicone Utensils Baking Tool Set (includes whisk, turner, spatula (big), spatula (small), and pastry brush), P329, Shopee

Photo by Shopee

7 Silicone Chocolate Mold, P50  

Are you planning on selling or even gifting your friends and family with designer chocolate for the holidays? If you are, these chocolate molds will be the foundation of your little venture! Silicone molds are the easy, nonstick option for budding chocolatiers. Since these are nonstick, you can safely use a mold that has intricate designs of your choice.     

Silicone chocolate mold, P50, Shopee



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