How To Use Whole-Wheat Flour In Cookie, Cake, And Other Baking Recipes

Here's how to make the wholesome switch.

There are ways to incorporate more wholesome ingredients into food without it severely affecting your finished product. But when it comes to substituting ingredients in baking recipes, it’s generally recommended that you do not use a substitute ingredient.

But the good news is that you can. With a little know-how, you can make a simple switch that allows for an easy change.

One way to make a slight but still significant change is by using whole-wheat flour instead of white all-purpose flour. But the substitution is not an automatic 1:1 ratio. That’s because whole-wheat flour is denser than white flour. It still contains the bran of the wheat grain, and this is what makes it more nutritious but also results in a drier baked product.

For those unsure of the taste and texture, substitute half of the regular flour with whole wheat. Try it out and see how you like the resulting baked good.


Then, when you’re more confident, switch out the entire amount of white flour for whole wheat by using 2 tablespoons less than the same amount of regular flour. So, if the recipe calls for 1 cup all-purpose flour, use 1 cup minus 2 tablespoons whole wheat flour. This way, the liquid ingredients can still handle and offset the dryness of the more dense flour.

Once you’ve made the switch, you’ll see that the color of your finished baked product is different (brown versus white) and the taste is slightly nuttier than that made with white flour.

But the biggest change is when you take a bite. You’ll see that the best thing with this substitution is that you and your kids don’t need to know it contains good-for-you ingredients because it will still taste just as delicious.

Whole wheat flour is available at Baker’s Co for P53 per kilo and Healthy Options for P285 for a 2-1/4 kilo pack.


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