5 Easy Tips to Making Your Best Banana Bread Loaf Yet

Make your classic banana bread recipe even better!

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Banana bread is a classic: everyone loves it, and everyone loves to make it! It is easy to put together and is even easier to eat. You probably already have a winner recipe (have your tried ours?), but try making these small adjustments to your recipe to make your best banana loaf yet!


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The secret to really good banana bread? Use overripe bananas!


1  Use overripe bananas.

Trust us—the flavor of overripe bananas are infinitely better than those that have just ripened! There are more deep, caramel-like tones that bake into beautiful banana loaves. Another trick for caramelized bananas is to place your bananas in the freezer, peel on, overnight. They next day, the peel will be black. When your leave them out to defrost, you will notice how they are extra sweet and caramel-like! Cavendish bananas with plenty of black spots on the peel also work great and will not weigh down your bread too much.


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It's no secret: overripe bananas are best for banana bread!


2  Mash your bananas with a fork.


If you’re making a big batch of banana bread, you will probably be tempted to throw your bananas into a blender or food processor to speed up the process—don’t. The fiber of the fruit will break down too much, become liquid, and will not give your loaf a good bite. It may be a little more tedious to mash bananas slowly, but it will be worth it!


3  Use dark brown sugar.

Bananas love the deep, dark notes of brown sugar. Use brown sugar, muscovado, or even coco sugar to round out the flavor of your banana bread.


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4  Go nuts!

Before mixing in nuts into the batter, give them a quick toast on the stovetop or in the oven. Toasted nuts will always be more flavorful and aromatic. Walnuts are the usual choice of nuts for banana bread, but why not go local and use buttery pili nuts?



5  Top it off with something special.

The tops of banana loaves always bake into beautiful, golden, crusty tops. Before baking, give it a light sprinkle of cinnamon-sugar, a crunchy streusel topping, or an extra dusting of chopped nuts. You could also mix-in a generous handful of chopped chocolate or a swirl of nut butter! 


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Melted chocolate elevates your everyday banana bread.

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