Basic Cupcake Recipes To Lift Your Spirits

You don't need to go all fancy with your cupcakes if you don't want to.

Everyone loves a good cupcake. These are the tiny, individual mini cakes that have everything a big full-sized cake has but in fun, smaller servings. 

You don’t need to share when it comes to this dessert but we do advocate the baking of a batch of some cupcakes when you are feeling not quite yourself

If you need some good, old-fashioned cupcakes, here are some basic cupcake recipes we think you should rally yourself into making:   

Photo by Rico Jose

1 Basic Vanilla Cupcake with Sprinkles Recipe

We highly suggest that if you love vanilla, this recipe is the one to make. What makes these cupcakes so special is not just the sprinkles that you can stir into the batter but the simplicity of this recipe. It’s has everything you need to make your cupcake dreams a delicious one, especially if you love vanilla. The sprinkles are really just the touches of colors you can or do not have to add. 

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

2 Chocolate Cupcake Recipe   

Anybody who loves chocolate will fall in love with these dark chocolate cupcakes. Cocoa powder is the purest chocolate you can get your hands on, because it will help make it extra delicious and chocolate-y. These cupcakes are loaded with cocoa but to make it even better is the easy frosting that anybody can make, too. 

You can even make a version that’s doesnt require baking!

Photo by Majoy Siason

3 Mocha Cupcake Recipe

Coffee and chocolate are a match made in heaven. Coffee makes chocolate tastes even more chocolate-y while chocolate can liven up a coffee-flavored dish, too! This pairing is really about making one flavor be just as delicious and addictive as the other so mixing the two flavors in one, mocha, is just the right thing to do for anyone who just can’t choose between these two flavors. 


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Photo by Majoy Siason

4 Mango Cupcakes Recipe 

Fruity flavors are pretty basic, too. With mangoes that are famous worldwide for its intensely sweet flavor and aromas, you can’t go wrong with cupcakes that take advantage of those qualities. These sweet and fruity cupcakes have real mango chunks and mango puree stirred into the batter. 

Photo by Patrick Martires

5 Strawberry Cupcakes Recipe 

Frozen strawberries are fantastic to have on hand! Frozen berries are perfect when made into smoothies, purees and sauces, or even simmered and made into jam! That’s why if you don’t have mangoes but you do have strawberries, frozen or fresh from the farmer’s market you visited the other day, then this fruity cupcake recipe is just waiting to be made! 

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

6 White Chocolate Cupcake Recipe 

Not everyone loves chocolate and those who don’t have white chocolate to fall in love with. White chocolate is really just a creamy and milky chocolate made using just the cacao butter extracted from the cacao plant. That’s why it still has that characteristic smoothness and aroma but without the darkness of its sister chocolates. This doesn’t mean it any less addictive or delicious! If you love white chocolate, these cupcakes are perfect for you. Top it off with the suggested strawberry frosting on top or the white chocolate frosting that’s on top of this dark chocolate cupcake recipe.  

Photo by Patrick Martires

7 Cheese Cupcakes Recipe 

For anyone who grew up in the Philippines, these are the basic cupcakes you want to learn to make. What makes these cheese cupcakes so appealing? It’s not just the sweet and salty flavor combination that makes these irresistible. These fluffy, cheesy cupcakes also do not need anything else on top of it (goodbye, frosting!) to make it that good. What we suggest is maybe combining its flavor with some ube halaya for some dual color action in every bite. 

Who says cupcakes are hard to make? Baking can be easy if you take your time when creating one of these delicious desserts and let yourself enjoy the process. We think the resulting cupcakes of these recipes are your just reward for your patience. 



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