You Will Need All These Tools To Bake Better

Add these to your must-buy list.


You may think you have all the tools and ingredients you need to start baking, but here a few more useful baking tools that may make your baking life much easier.   

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1 Oven Thermometer 

Did you know that your oven can and will lie to you? It can! Your oven, until you get to know it better by using it often and regularly, may be heating up inaccurately. It may have hot spots and its temperature gauge may be off by several degrees. No oven is perfect but you can make sure that it is heating up to the exact temperature you want it to by using a gadget that's totally impartial: an oven thermometer.   


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2 Big Mixing Bowls 

You can always use whatever you have on hand to do your mixing in but for the sheer convenience, you should invest in a great big set of mixing bowls. The bigger the bowls, the more there is, the better. While you can dump all the ingredients into one big bowl, big mixing bowls will allow you to stir your ingredients without mixing it all over the lip and onto the countertop.


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3 Measuring Cups and Spoons 

You will need proper measuring cups and spoons if you're not going to buy a kitchen scale. The second most accurate way of making sure that your ingredients are going to bake up as it should is by using cups and spoons that will inform you how much of the ingredient you are going to use. Baking is, after all, a science and one wrong measurement can mean the failure of what should have been a delicious success. 


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4 Parchment Paper 

Not only is this roll of silicone-coated paper going to be making some baking as well as cooking projects easier, but that same roll of parchment paper will also save you cleaning time and ensure that cake releases from its pan easier. 

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5 Large Silicone Spatula 


Many baking recipes call for mixing by hand. In fact, if you don't have an electric mixer yet, the silicone spatula is probably going to be one of your best friends in the kitchen. For batters and dough that a big mixing bowl can accommodate, a large silicone spatula (the largest you can find) will make folding and mixing these mixtures that much easier.



6 Small Offset Spatula 

Not all spatulas are made the same, and for this little baking tool, it's the Swiss Army knife of the baking world. This small but mighty offset spatula can make spreading frosting on cakes easier as well as delicately lift cookies from the sheet and release the sides of cakes from the baking pan. It can even scrape off excess frosting from the side of the cake to create pretty swoops as decoration or mark the area you need for that perfect slice.

We'll say it: every baker needs an offset spatula.    

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7 Great Baking Recipes 


The biggest asset in your arsenal of baking tools and gadgets has to be a great recipe. Without a great recipe, it doesn't matter what you have on hand to make it! The sad truth is this: a great dessert is only as good as the recipe you used to make it. 

This doesn't mean that every recipe needs to be tried and tested first before you will even attempt it. We say some failures are great marks of your baking experience. Recipes that fail can show you what you should never do again but great recipes prove that there are instances that you should take a leap of faith just to achieve something delicious. 



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