These Are The Baking Ingredients You Should Splurge On

These ingredients are worth every peso.

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Baking is the new hobby that many people have taken up during the quarantine. From basic cakes and cupcakes to specialty bread, baking supply stores are stocking up on ingredients that will appeal to its customers and the demand for better ingredients and even exclusive ingredients that are hard to find is increasing. 

Are you a baking fan now, too? If you are and you are curious about what ingredients are the best to spend your hard-earned cash on, these are the ingredients to save up for: 

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1 Chocolate 

There is dark chocolate, and there is 80% cacao. Contrary to popular belief, not all dark chocolate are the same. There are degrees to chocolate, even dark chocolate, and it all comes down to how much real chocolate is in the bar you are using.

That's what the percentages mean. The higher the percentage of cacao, the more real chocolate is used. The sugar, flavorings, milk, and other ingredients make the chocolate taste better but basically change the natural bitterness of chocolate. 

However, if you want the most pure chocolate in taste, use the higher percentage for all your chocolate baking needs.  

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2 Vanilla Beans 

Did you know that real vanilla is super expensive? A vanilla bean from where the natural flavor comes from can cost P100 a pod. That pod is usually a one-time use, depending on how much vanilla flavor you want to add to your dish.

If you have ever tasted real vanilla from a vanilla pod, you will know it when a baker doesn't use this in their baked goods. The taste is quite different. It's warmer, rounder in flavor, and more distinct. It's these differences in flavor that make using real vanilla made from the extract or the seeds from the pod more expensive than your artificially formulated vanilla flavoring.

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3 Nuts 

Nuts might not sound like an ingredient to spend a lot of money on but you should. Better quality nuts mean better tasting nuts. Plus, the more expensive nuts, such as almonds, pistachios, pecans, and hazelnuts, are also the more unique kinds, too.

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4 Butter 

Not all baking recipes require butter but those that do taste better than those that use oil. Butter still contains the milk solids of the fresh cream it was churned from, and this leads to better quality, better tasting butter. You'll taste the cream in the butter. You might even taste the buttery notes of the butter in your baked goods. While it doesn't need to be European butter, choosing real butter can mean the difference between a great tasting butter cake and an ordinary one. 


Oil, especially neutral-tasting oil, will be flatter in taste and will allow the other flavors become the star. However, if a buttery flavor is wanted such as in butter cookies, pound cakes, and even a simple recipe for pancakes, you can't go wrong with using the real thing.   

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5 Flavorings and Colorings 

These are otherwise known as extracts and oils. You can find delicious enough extracts at the supermarket but for those who want truly aromatic flavors that are natural as well as delicious, choose the extracts and oils that have the real ingredient in the ingredients list. The fewer number of ingredients and the more natural the ingredients, the better the quality and the taste. 

The same goes for food coloring. The best quality food coloring will give you a color that's more true to the color you need. 

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6 Fruits  

When it comes to presentation, the best looking ones are prime. Here is where the best-looking fruits and berries also mean it's going to cost you, too. Fruits with the most vivid colors and the most perfect of shapes are going to be the ones that pull up the prices. 

Just note that sometimes, the best-looking fruits are not always the best-tasting ones. Manage your expectations and give the fruits a trial taste before using it as the decorating centerpiece of your dessert.   

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7 Honey 

Just like real vanilla, real honey has a different taste compared to the honey-flavored syrups you commonly find in the supermarkets. These flavored syrups are little more than sugar dissolved in a little water and honey is added to give it that "honey" taste. Real honey has a distinct bite, a kind of sharpness to its taste, that you can't taste in these syrups. 

Tasting is believing so if you get the chance, give the best baking ingredients you can buy a taste before using it. This way, you know that what you're buying is the best that you can get. Baking is after all a delicious and satisfying way to make your day working in the kitchen a little better. At the end, whether it's a savory or sweet dish, you'll be eating something truly worth the effort and the money. 




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