Best Stores For Baking Supplies, According To Bakers

Here are some tips on where to get ingredients and tools.

Shopping is no longer the way it used to be. From being able to casually peruse shelves upon shelves before making your ultimate choice, the pandemic has forced many of us to seek other avenues of getting the ingredients we need.

It’s not easy finding a store that can deliver the ingredients and equipment you need with just one website. Thankfully, the good news is that just like groceries, baking supply stores have also turned to online shopping to reach their customers who can’t or don’t wish to leave their homes.

We asked professional bakers and home bakers about their favorite places to shop online as well as offline for their baking supply needs. While not everyone needs sacks and boxes of ingredients, here are the most popular baking supply stores these bakers shop from:

Photo by All About Baking

1 All About Baking

This trusted baking supply store is where many home baking businesses turn to first. It started with a stand-alone store in Quezon City and now has branches around the metro, including malls.


This well-stocked store is known for carrying ingredients as well as baking tools that other stores may not carry, such as a wide range of uniquely shaped silicone molds, various cake decorations, and affordable ingredients in bulk.

Sharlene Tan, professional food stylist and former Yummy magazine editor, Steph Cueva of Nomnom Oven, Trinka Gonzales of BakeNice on Instagram, and Eduardo Siman Jr., kitchen consultant and owner of Wadoughs, shop here for their baking needs.


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“I buy usually buy my ingredients in All About Baking but ever since the lockdown, I have 2 “suki” suppliers which I can order online from: Party Carousel and JACC Baking Supplies,” Steph says.

Visit the All About Baking website for more information on how to order and a list of branches around Metro Manila. You may also find provincial branches under the name Baking Pantry in select cities nationwide.

Photo by Wonderbake

2 Wonderbake

A newer player in the baking supply industry, this baking supply store is known for its range of wonderful and sometimes quirky packaging and decorations along with its baking ingredients.

Jerlo Bautista, owner and chef of Vi & Lucia’s Bakeshop and Sib’s Kitchen shops here. Plus, its branches are conveniently located in malls and other commercial spots, so access is easier for many home bakers looking to stock their pantries.

Visit the Wonderbake website and on Facebook for more information on how to order.

Photo by Lazada, Shopee, Ateco

3 Lazada and Shopee

When it comes to baking equipment and ingredients, baking supply stores don’t have a monopoly. Instead, our bakers turn to other shops for purchases they can’t get elsewhere, including baking supply stores, and this is where online shopping stores shine bright.

Both Lazada and Shopee are known for their astoundingly wide range of shops carrying a numbing array of goods. Baking supplies and ingredients are just as convenient to buy online from these two online shopping giants as it is from the online shops of their suki baking supply stores.

Trinka in particular buys her chocolates from the Auro Flagship Store on Lazada. Jasper Castro, former editorial assistant, says “I online buy everything nowadays. It’s a mix of Metro Mart’s S&R, Robinsons, and Shopee.”

Visit Lazada and Shopee for more information.

Photo by S&R Membership official Facebook

4 S&R Membership Shopping

You might not believe it but yes, this warehouse shopping mecca is a baker haven for some. With its focus on bulk shopping, both imported and locally curated baking supplies can be found at this store.

Visit the S&R Membership Shopping website and shop online via Metro Mart and Lazada.

Photo by Bea Faicol

5 Local Supermarkets

When you just need ingredients, even professional bakers need a quick fix and that’s where your local supermarket can save the day. When you do not need kilos of bread flour or giant jars of maraschino cherries, the nearest supermarket is a great place to find baking supplies that you know is a common kitchen ingredient.


April Aple Brecia of Jerome’s Kitchen says “Surprisingly, All Day Supermarket [in Vista Malls], has a good range of ingredients, so I have been buying most items there.”

Shares Marie Balbuena, home cook and recipe developer. “I usually just go for what is available in our nearby grocery, which is Rustan’s. Other ingredients, like the chocolates, I order online.”

“I get most of my ingredients from Carla’s Bakery Supply along Sucat in Parañaque. The other stuff I get from the supermarket,” says Aldwin Aspillera, baker, owner of Crust & Crumb, and photographer.


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