7 Brownie Recipes For Every Kind of Baker

Beginner? Expert? No oven? Everyone can make brownies!

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Everybody loves brownies but not everyone is on the same brownie-baking level. This might be your first foray into baking, you might be an expert, or you might not even want to turn the oven on at all! Whatever the case, there’s a brownie recipe that you can still make. This fun round-up is sure to have you making desserts by the end of the week.

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1 The Novice Brownie-Lover: Brownie Balls

You sincerely, utterly love brownies but just don’t want to bake! Or maybe you simply don’t have an oven. There is still a way to have brownies! This recipe is so easy you can even make it with your kids. You can take it a step further and sell them, too.

Use store-bought brownies to whip up this sweet treat!

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2 The Effortless Baker: Pre-Mixed Brownies

You’ve conquered your fear of baking and are ready to step into baking territory. It’s time to turn on the oven or toaster oven and make these no-fail instant baked goods. Here's a little help to choose the best one!

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3 Street-Smart Microwave Cook: Brownies in a Mug

Watching your diet? Then you’ll probably be better off making a single-serving brownie. It’s always difficult to stop at just one square, so if that's you, this is the recipe to try. Plus, you’ll be using a microwave which means no pre-heating required!

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Yes, you can actually make brownies using a microwave oven.
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4 The Student Baker: The Basic Fudgy Brownie

There comes a time when you're done doing the hacks and just make a really good, simple brownie that's basic yet still delicious. This is it. This no-frills recipe is all about appreciating chocolate in the fudgiest, most decadent form only a good brownie can.

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These are the fudgiest brownies you're ever going to make.
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5 The Balanced Baker: Salted Caramel Brownies Recipe

It’s time to step up your brownie game even further. With this recipe, you'll learn to make caramel and balance out the sweetness with salt to achieve the perfect sweet-salty taste. Caramel is one of those recipes too, that once you master, you’ll want to keep on making.

Complement rich dark chocolate brownies with luscious salted caramel!
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6 The Healthy Baker: Flourless Brownies Recipe

Chocolate in itself is actually extremely healthy and beneficial. With all those ingredients that make delicious, it can become extra sinful and might be holding you back from indulging. This healthier, flour-free version of the brownie gives you a pass to eat guilt-free while on your diet.

These moist and chocolate-y brownies don't use flour!
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7 The Decadent Baker: S’more Brownies

It’s all about the different layers! A crunchy crust, a gooey brownie, and a soft, pillowy marshmallow; there’s so much doing on in this rendition to enjoy. Get lost in the different textures and tastes with this irresistible recipe. Serve it to your friends and we’re sure they’ll be impressed.

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Brownies + buttery crust + toasty marshmallows!

Can't wait to go on your journey to warm, homemade brownies? Here are other recipes and tips you can check out!


Turn the classic brownie into crunchy biscuits!

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There's no better pick-me-up than a brownie sundae!

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Love Pinoy flavors? These brownies are studded with all your favorites.

Like peanut butter? Then surely, you'll love these! (Plus, it's so goof-proof to prepare too!)

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